Hold Tight

Hold Tight

30 x 30cm Original Painting on Box Canvas 

[Acrylic, Inks and Charcoal]

Frame in image not included

Painting continued to edges of canvas 


This piece is part of the ZALIAS collection - finding the still silence within the green. We have all experienced the highs and lows of our current situation and within the busier periods of my year, I finally stopped the rush that comes with every day life and reflected on what I needed, that naturally comes through into my painting. I needed quiet, reflection, a pause and time to be still. I do that best amongst nature and specifically, expansive open fields that stretch to the horizon. This series needed to be minimalist to focus on what matters for my current artistic practice, the stripped back contours, colours, surfaces and shapes that make up a landscape that provide me the tranquility I needed. Stripping back on detail allows the paintings to breath a sense of quiet, allowing the eye to enjoy the calm I strived to achieve. I hope these pieces provide the sense of quiet peace I crave amongst nature and brings timeless moments of calm to your own home. 


Fur any further questions or enquiries about the piece, please get in touch through the contact page.