Soak In The Day II

Soak In The Day II

Acrylic, Inks, Charcoal and Pencil on shallow canvas with gold metallic finish on horizon. 

30x30cm Original 

Frame in image not included. Can be bought as a set of three or individually. £95.00 per artwork. 


These pieces are part of the ZALIAS collection and are all about immersing yourself within peaceful green silence. These three in particular are from many walks just after the rain breaks and the sun glimpses over an overcast sky. They are of no particular place, just a collection of experiences and memories but most importantly are about the feeling I get when out walking.  My aim for the work is to provide the silent serenity and fresh start rain can provide within the comfort of your home, for you to take the time in your day to sit and reflect amongst your own personal peaceful sqaure of soaked green.